SNOW HOTEL & ICE RESTAURANT & ICE BAR OPEN FROM 15TH DECEMBER! See more in 360ᵒ Glass Igloos open from 1st September & Experience all of snow in one of the biggest snow hotels in the world.

Book your Arctic stay

Book your Arctic stay


Experience the restaurant beyond your wildest dreams. The Ice Restaurant is our real crown jewl, so thrilling and carved unique every year. In this restaurant, you can´t help but admire the craftsmanship in snow and ice carving.

What could finalize the experience staying in a snowhotel better than dinner in an ice restaurant, inside thick snow walls decorated with snow and ice art. Our warm carefully thought out delicious 3-course dinner is always topped off with a dessert served on an ice plate – astonishing.

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Location & availability:

Since our spectacular Ice restaurant is located inside the Arctic SnowHotel a 30 minute drive from Rovaniemi city center, if you are not staying at the hotel you can book a visiting program with transfers. Since the Arctic SnowHotel is an attraction you must also have an entrace ticket to the SnowHotel.

Arriving to the Arctic SnowHotel with your own car is also easy! Just a 30 minute drive from the Rovaniemi city center and a free parking at our location. You can make a booking that includes the Ice Restaurant dinner and the entrance to the attraction itself.

The entrance ticket to the Arctic SnowHotel is included in the accommodation, so our overnight guests can make a booking to the Ice Restaurant with out the entrance fee.

The Arctic SnowHotel and Ice Restaurant are open between December 15th – 31st March.

Dinner seatings are at 17:30, 19:00, 20:30 – other times on request.


Ice Restaurant Dinner Menu:

Velvety forest mushroom soup, malt bread croutons and tar vinegar
Crispy flat bread and ciabatta

Main course options (please choose one):
Mouth-watering roast elk, carrot purée, black pepper sauce and season’s vegetables
Braised Arctic Ocean salmon, cauliflower purée, cray fish sauce and season’s vegetables
Chicken breast seasoned with pepper, grilled tomato, lemon-red wine sauce and season’s vegetables
Fried cold smoked tofu, white bean pure, stewed chick peas and herbs served with cherry tomato sauce

Raspberry-vanilla bavarois, vanilla cream, roasted white-chocolate and muesli, GF, LF

Price: 79 € /adult, 45 € / child. Please book entrance ticket below as well, all but overnight guests at Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos are obligated to pay the entrance ticket.

Are you visiting with transfers? Book here:

Arctic SnowHotel Ice Restaurant is located a 30 minute drive from Rovaniemi city center, so you can book an Ice Restaurant dinner visiting program with transfers, that includes an entrace ticket to the SnowHotel.

Are you visiting with your own car? Book here:

You can also arrive with your own car to Arctic SnowHotel Ice Restaurant. It is a 30 minute drive from Rovaniemi city center. But since the Arctic SnowHotel is an attraction the program also includes an entrace ticket to the Arctic SnowHotel.

Are you an overnight guest? Book here:

This booking calendar is for our overnights guests. The accommodation itself includes an entrance to the Arctic SnowHotel, where the Ice Restaurant is located.