SNOW HOTEL & ICE RESTAURANT & ICE BAR OPEN FROM 15TH DECEMBER! See more in 360ᵒ Glass Igloos open from 1st September & Experience all of snow in one of the biggest snow hotels in the world.

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Q: How can we get to the hotel from Rovaniemi?
A: Pick up is arranged from Rovaniemi city center, Santa Claus Village and Rovaniemi airport for overnight guests with our shuttle at approximately 13:00, 14:50, 16:45 and 19:00 (depending on the pick up location). It is possible to book also private transfer at any other time. All the transfers are arranged for an additional fee. Please book your transfer at the latest 24 hrs before. If you are visiting us and need transfers, please take a look at our weekly programme.

Q: How cold is it?
A: The temperature is at all times between 0 and -5C degrees inside Arctic SnowHotel but the temperature can be even -35C degrees outside!

Q: Can I come only for a visit? What is included in the entrance fee? When can I visit?
A: Arctic SnowHotel is a popular attraction that you can visit daily. We also offer unforgettable visiting programmes, that include experiences and transportation from the Rovaniemi town centre and back

Entrance fee allows you to enter SnowHotel and everything inside of it (rooms, Ice chapel, Ice bar, Ice restaurant). We are open for visitors daily 10:00 – 19:00 until during our winter season December 15th – March 31st.

Q: Is it possible to see the Northern Lights?
A: Our venue is excellent for spotting the Northern Lights as we are located far from city lights. You significantly increase your chances of seeing the Northern Lights with our Northern Lights watcher, who makes sure you don’t miss seeing the light phenomenon. They monitor the skies and alert glass igloo and SnowHotel guests who opted for the service as soon as things start to happen in the Arctic skies. When staying with us, there is no need to book any aurora tour as you can just spend time in your glass igloo or outside on our yard and you can see the northern lights from there if they are visible! If you don’t want to stay overnight, we suggest that you take a look at our weekly programme so that you can come and visit us, hopefully also see auroras!

Q: What happens when it snows, can I still see the Northern Lights?
A: In Lapland we get to enjoy natural snow, and have beautiful snow falls that cover everything in a pristine white sheet. On days with heavy snow fall the sky is naturally cloudy, therefore not a Northern Lights watching weather. We have to wait for the snow fall to clear from the weather forecast before heating the Glass Igloo roofs, to avoid heavy ice buildup on the glass roofs. Snowy days are for enjoying the snowy activities; like e-sleds the electric snowmobile tours, or snowhoeing and ice fishing or why not feed our reindeer Friends outside the hotel. 

Q: What are the dinner options for overnight guests?
A: We have three different dinner restaurants (Kota, Log and Ice restaurant) which serve 3-course dinners on specific times. Bookings are required by 17:00 on the same day.

Q: What can we do at the hotel during the day?
A: At our hotel, you can participate in multiple activities, for example in ice fishing and snow shoes can be rented from us at any point free of charge. When in Finland, do as the Finns do and have a sauna! Both traditional Finnish sauna as well as snow sauna are unique experiences – not to mention sitting in a warm hot tub in crispy winter air! Snowmobile, husky and reindeer safaris are arranged close-by. And you can find a wider selection of things to do, look at activities also in Visit Rovaniemi page – see

Q: Can I bring my luggage to my room?
A: If you are staying at glass igloo, yes you can – there is enough space for it.
If you are staying at SnowHotel, we recommend you to take your luggage to our locker room where you can find safety lockers. As your room is made of snow and ice, your luggage might get cold and wet so we recommend that you take only the necessities to your room that you need overnight.

Q: Is the breakfast included in accommodation price? Can I book half board?
A: Buffet breakfast is included in all of our accommodation prices. You can book a dinner in one of our restaurants which serve 3-course dinners to make your booking half board.

Q: Which are the dates when Glass Igloos and SnowHotel are open?
A: Glass Igloos are open Sept 1st – April 1st and SnowHotel is open Dec 15th – March 31st.

Q: Is staying at Arctic SnowHotel in temperature below zero degrees a risk to my health?
A: We provide extremely warm sleeping bags which ensure that you will stay warm through the night. This overnight is not a risk to your health even if you are pregnant or have any other health issues. Please contact us if you are unsure and wish to receive more information.

Q: Can pets come to the hotel?
A: We love pets as much as you do, and that’s why we offer comfort and practical solutions for your shared vacation. We offer two glass igloos specifically designed for pets, providing quick access from the parking lot to the forest and walking trails.

Q: How to dress up in Lapland during the winter?
A: Welcome to winter wonderland. Remember to check the weather forecast few days before your departure and make sure you have many layers.
The temperature can be anything between 0C and -35C degrees in the winter yet the most common temperatures are from -10 to -20C degrees.
Here are some tips for clothes to wear during winter in Lapland:

  • Dress in many layers under the outdoor clothing
    The layers keep your skin warm and dry, and you can take layers off in case it gets too hot, so that you don’t sweat – which again could make you feel cold again!
    1st layer: Long thermal underwear with cotton or woollen socks (or both as layers).
    2nd layer: Loose fitting (the air between the layers keeps you warm) layer of fleece, cotton, wool or similar material.
    3rd layer In case of an extremely cold weather (-30 degrees or colder), or an activity where you stay still a lot (like snowmobiling), similar layer to the second one.
  • Water-proof winter boots that fit 2 layers of socks
    Warm boots should cover the ankles as there might be a lot of snow. You should have space in front of your toes. If your toes are touching the shoes, your feet will get cold. We recommend you to wear at least two layers of socks; cotton socks and woollen socks on top of those.
  • Loose fitting outdoor clothes with hats, scarves and mittens
    Keep your upper and lower body warm with loose fitting outdoor clothing. The winter coat and ski-type trousers should also be water and wind-proof.
  • Hands, feet and the head get cold the fastest and are important to keep warm. You need warm material (wool) hats, scarves and mittens. Mittens keep your fingers together, where gloves have fingers separated, so mittens work better against the cold.

Q: What kind of winter clothing do we need for children in Lapland?
A: The Finns dress their kids warmly in Lapland, so apply these same instructions above with children. The best way to keep the children warm during cold days is to dress them in many layers and to stay active. Staying still will make the cold feel even colder. Even though you are comfortable, remember to monitor and listen to your child, and add layers if needed.

Q: Do you offer winter clothing?
A: Unfortunately we don’t offer winter clothing so if you don’t have your own outdoor clothing, we recommend to contact Winterent where you can rent the outdoor clothes from.