SNOW HOTEL & ICE RESTAURANT & ICE BAR OPEN FROM 15TH DECEMBER! See more in 360ᵒ Glass Igloos open from 1st September & Experience all of snow in one of the biggest snow hotels in the world.

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Book your Arctic stay


Inside the SnowHotel one of the highlights is drinks at the Ice Bar – a unique and memorable experience. The Arctic SnowHotel Ice Bar is constructed entirely from snow and ice, this visually appealing atmosphere offers a bucket list experience in below zero temperature.

The icebreaker

Looking for those visually striking beverages? Well at the Ice Bar we serve drinks in glasses made entirely of ice. Let our Ice Bar serve as an icebreaker and spark your evening with loved ones and even new Friends in an icy setting – you can litterally break your ice glasses after the drinks, on the snowy walls of the bar!

The Ice Bar is located inside the SnowHotel and open multiple times during a day between December 15th-March 31st.

(All but overnight guests at Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos are obligated to buy the entrance ticket.)

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