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Sustainability at Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos

We have been granted with the Green Key eco-label as a testament of our work towards sustainability. Together with the Green Key organisation we shall continue our journey towards a greener and more sustainable hotel.

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We have also been accepted to Sustainable Travel Finland program.

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We want to work responsibly, sustain nature and culture around us!

With our actions and choices as a hotel we work towards a greener environment close to us and globally. We want to make decisions that will preserve nature and we encourage our staff to participate developing the practices in our day to day life at the hotel. Our work towards a more environmentally friendly hotel will never be finished and we wish to make plans in the long run.

To enrich the local culture

Our hotel in located in a small village of Lehtojärvi and we are happy to be able to enrich the local culture. When plenty of staff members are living close-by we are able to ensure that the commute doesn’t take too long and cause much pollution. We are also buying services and products from local companies ensuring the financial stability of whole Rovaniemi area. When hiring local staff we can guarantee that our guests can have the first hand information about the way of life in Rovaniemi and in Lehtojärvi.

Practises are key

For building the SnowHotel and all facilities at our hotel we are using local work force. This allows us to offer year-round employment regardless of our hotel being closed during the summer. The Arctic SnowHotel is built entirely out of snow which is made with water directed from the lake Lehtojärvi or using the snow naturally falling from the sky. The Arctic SnowHotel is lid up by LED bulbs and there is no need for heating since this is a hotel made of snow. For these reasons the usage of electricity is very minimum. On some of our newest buildings in the hotel area, we are installing solar panels to create greener energy. We are also using ground-source heat pumps for more eco-friendly heating methods. Our restaurants are working with pre ordered meals so we are able to avoid food waste during lunch and dinner. We are using environmentally friendly materials when cleaning and making sure nothing harmful will end up in our nature.

Participating with us

We remind our guests about the drinkable tap water, request housekeeping and changing towels only when needed, recycling waste and avoiding food waste during breakfast. We aim to inform about our actions towards a greener hotel in our social media channels, information booklets and during guided tours of the SnowHotel.