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Arctic SnowHotel Customer Registry Data Protection Notice in accordance with the Personal Data Act 10 (523/99)

Prepared: 20.12.2010

1. Controller: Arctic SnowHotel/ Snowflake Oy Lehtohontie 27, 97220 SINETTÄ, Phone: +358 40 845 3774
2. Contact Person for Register Matters: Heidi Haavikko, Phone: +358 40 845 3774, Fax: +358 42 845 3774, Email:
3. Register Name: Arctic SnowHotel Customer Registry
4. Purpose of the Register: The purpose of the system is to maintain a customer registry of current and future customers, including businesses and private individuals, as well as manage accommodation facilities and monitor accommodation rents on a customer-specific basis.
5. Contents of the Register: The register contains the names and contact information of registered private individuals and companies. In addition, for accommodation customers, the following information is stored:
– Finnish personal identification number or, if not available, date of birth and nationality
– Traveler’s travel document number
– Date of arrival and departure at the accommodation establishment for the traveler
When required by the Act on Accommodation and Restaurant Services 28.4.2006/308.
6. Regular Data Sources: The information is obtained directly from the customers.
7. Regular Disclosures of Information: Information is not disclosed.
8. Principles of Register Protection: The data included in the register is only accessible to the personnel of Arctic SnowHotel/ Snowflake Ltd.