Sleep on a transparent bed made from snow and ice

Our SnowHotel sleeps 70 guests and is one of the largest in the Nordic region. This spectacularly handsome building is carved each year to be different in appearance. The walls and furniture surfaces of the unique rooms are decorated with ice art and illuminated artwork. The room temperature is 0–5C°, but using the sleeping bags intended for extreme conditions combined with reindeer furs, you can be sure you will stay in warmth and comfort. On the shores of the lake the moonlight, stars and Northern Lights illuminate the silent, Lappish nature. As our guest you will have a good night’s sleep as the Aurora Alarm searches the skies for you.

Arctic SnowHotel

The first SnowHotel was opened in December 2008 and after that new one has been built every year. Inside Arctic SnowHotel you can find approximately 30 hotel rooms, Ice chapel, Ice restaurant and Ice bar. The temperature is between 0C and -5C degrees at all times (even when it is much colder outside!). The hotel area can be visited by paying an entrance ticket to the reception and overnight guests (both in glass igloos and SnowHotel) are permitted to visit all these areas inside Arctic SnowHotel.


There are rooms of many different sizes available in SnowHotel. We have standard rooms in double, triple and family categories. SnowHotel rooms have electric lighting. The beds have normal mattresses with reindeer hides on top of them but the bed frames are made of ice. Unfortunately it is not possible to arrange extra beds into the rooms. The sizes of the standard rooms vary between 9–15m².

In addition to standard rooms we also provide suite accommodation. The suites are primarily intended for two persons, but the hotel also has one suite for three persons. Every suite is uniquely different from the other. The arctic atmosphere of the unique suites is perfected with magnificent artwork made from snow and ice that are unique for the room. The size of the suite is approximately 28m².

After its opening on 20 December 2018, SnowHotel stays open until around 31 March 2019.

Check Google 360 photos of SnowHotel;
Entrance to Arctic SnowHotel
Inside Arctic SnowHotel