Snow Sauna

The Snow Sauna will not leave you cold

Even the most enthusiastic sauna bathers are deeply impressed by the snow sauna! The sauna bathing experience is an astonishing combination of thick steam with intimate snow walls. The hotel grounds also have a more traditional log-built sauna buildings with lovely Jacuzzis. Bathing combined with a suitable beverage and the northern lights will keep you warm!

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna buildings are found on the hotel area and has several smaller saunas inside which cater individual customers staying in the hotel or igloos. The saunas are available for hire even if you are not a hotel guest. For an additional fee you can reserve sauna bathing experience for your family for private use.

Bigger sauna caters for groups and joint sauna for overnight guests. The joint sauna shifts for men and women are every evening at 9–11 p.m. There are separate showers and dressing rooms for men and women. The hotel reserves the right to change the time for the public sauna shift if conditions require such

During the winter months, combining the Finnish sauna with the snow sauna will make your experience much more varied and extremely refreshing as well as outdoor Jacuzzi with massaging jets is an experience beyond compare.