Snow activities

Get the most out of winter during a single trip

Building from snow and ice is our speciality. You are warmly welcome to come and experience our fairytale-like snow buildings and ice sculptures, even if you do not intend to stay overnight. The picturesque natural surroundings provide opportunities for all kinds of activities, such as ice fishing or snowshoe hiking, and the location is perfect for all activities offered in Rovaniemi.

Snow activities


Arctic Snow Hotel with its Snow Restaurant and outdoor activities is an excellent place to visit, surely providing memorable experiences for all its visitors.

Admission fees for the hotel grounds

Adult 17 €
Child (2-12 years) 10 €

The hotel area is open daily from 12 noon – 7 p.m. during December 20 – March 31.

Snowshoe Hiking

Take an active hike together, with a group of friends or family in snowy nature. We organise guided snowshoe trips where you can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of nature and the sounds heard within the snow-laden forests.

Sculpting snow

Get truly inspired by winter by experiencing snow sculpting! Using the right tools, some really unbelievable creations can be sculpted from snow. Try for yourself what it is like to sculpt snow and let the artist in you run wild!

Ice Fishing

The adjacent Lake Lehtojärvi is abundant with pike-perch, perch, whitefish, and of course there’s the giant pike that according to fishermen’s’ stories, has eluded them a number of times. Is the hole in the ice big enough?