Food from the fire, dishes made from ice

Although SnowHotel is remotely located outside of town, you won’t have to compromise any treats or delicacies. We cater for large festive events and intimate dinner parties alike with the utmost professionalism. Flavour and traditional food preparation methods are characteristic of the three restaurants and the three-course dinner menu. The exquisite style of the Ice Restaurant tableware set on an ice table and frozen glasses used in the Ice Bar are simply stunning.

Hotel guests and visitors check in at Lumikartano. Breakfasts lunches and dinners are served in the Manor hall that also acts as a handsome venue for festivities and other events.

Breakfast and lunch

Hotel guests enjoy breakfast and lunch at Log restaurant. The hearty buffet breakfast offers a wide variety of flavours and different breakfast options. Breakfast is always included in the accommodation rate whether you are staying in SnowHotel or the glass igloos. Buffet breakfast is served 7:30 – 10 a.m.

If you are leaving our hotel before the breakfast starts, you can request your breakfast package which you can pick up from the reception on the previous night or early in the morning before you leave. Orders for breakfasts delivered to the igloo should be made at Lumikartano reception no later than 8 p.m. on the previous evening.

The reception area also has cafeteria, an atmosphere-rich lounge area with open fireplace and a gift shop. The building made from massive logs is a magnificent sight in itself.


Party Venue

Lumikartano has floor space in excess of 500 square metres with its charter restaurant taking up to 200 guests. The charter restaurant is fully licensed and also has an open fireplace providing its own atmosphere and warmth. Being rich in atmosphere, the restaurant space is an ideal venue for different events. Lumikartano is the main building of the hotel area and it houses the hotel reception and restaurant intended for hotel guests.

Building amenities:

  • Toilets
  • Shower rooms