A pleasant atmosphere in a handsome log-built manor

Hotel guests and visitors check in at Lumikartano. Breakfasts lunches and dinners are served in the Manor hall that also acts as a handsome venue for festivities and other events. The reception are also has cafeteria, an atmosphere-rich lounge area with open fireplace and a gift shop. The building made from massive logs is a magnificent sight in itself.

Sauna wing and lounge with open fireplace

The Lumikartano sauna is found in the main building of the hotel area and caters for smaller groups and individual customers staying in the hotel or igloos. The sauna is available for hire even if you are not a hotel guest. The Lumikartano sauna takes around 8–10 people and has one shower room with three showers.

The sauna has a shared dressing room and right next to the sauna is a lounge with an open fire, providing a great place to rest after bathing in the sauna. There are also Snow Saunas next to Lumikartano sauna and the outdoor Jacuzzi with massaging jets.